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Alternate World: A story by Yali

Alternate World: A Story by Yali
I walked out of the door and looked around. I sighed. My parents wanted me to go out and “explore the neighborhood”. We had just moved to a new neighborhood after living in the same one almost my entire life. And I was sure that in the week that we were there I had not seen anyone who looked anywhere near my age. I walked around for a little while, partly hoping that I would see someone maybe close to my age to talk to because I was bored, and partly hoping I didn’t so I could go back to my house. I didn’t see anyone and but I decided to continue walking around since I had nothing better to do, really. And after walking for a while I decided to go back home since there was no one. So I walked for a while in silence. I listened to the quietness and winced. After growing up in a big city where I could always hear something the quietness bugged me. BARK I turned around, happy that the silence was broken, until I saw a rabid dog staring me straight in my …

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