Alternate World: A story by Yali

Alternate World: A Story by Yali

I walked out of the door and looked around. I sighed. My parents wanted me to go out and “explore the neighborhood”. We had just moved to a new neighborhood after living in the same one almost my entire life. And I was sure that in the week that we were there I had not seen anyone who looked anywhere near my age.
I walked around for a little while, partly hoping that I would see someone maybe close to my age to talk to because I was bored, and partly hoping I didn’t so I could go back to my house.
I didn’t see anyone and but I decided to continue walking around since I had nothing better to do, really. And after walking for a while I decided to go back home since there was no one. So I walked for a while in silence.
I listened to the quietness and winced. After growing up in a big city where I could always hear something the quietness bugged me.
I turned around, happy that the silence was broken, until I saw a rabid dog staring me straight in my eyes. And I’m not normally afraid of dogs, don’t get me wrong, but this one did not look particularly nice.
Naturally, I ran away but I was too far away from my house to get there-it was at least three blocks away, and I needed to lose this dog quick. So I ran to what was closest to me that I was sure the dog couldn’t follow me into-the woods. I didn’t really want to go into the woods, I mean who would want to go into a dark, scary place that you don’t know your way around alone, but it was the closest place to me, and the dog was a little bit farther from me, so if I ran into the woods and kept running, I was sure I would lose him.
So I ran, and ran, and ran, until I finally was far enough so that I could barely even hear his bark anymore. And after panting and feeling like I was going to faint from exhaustion, I sat down on a tree stump near me.
I looked around.
“Well it is beautiful” I thought.
I decided to stay there for a while because even though I wasn’t happy about moving, I might as well enjoy the good parts of it.
So I stayed there for a while, just enjoying the nature.
Then after around 30 minutes I decided to leave when I realized something. I didn’t know which the way back was.
“Darn it” I thought to myself “Mom and dad are going to kill me if I’m late.”
I tried to remember the way back, but it was no use. I had no clue where I was or how I was going to get home.
So I sat down for a while and tried to think of a way to find out how to get home.
Then, I got it.
“I’ll climb on top of that tree and try and see where I am” I thought to myself.
So I climbed up onto the top of the tree and tried to see where I was. Luckily I was able to see where I was, and I wasn’t far away from home.
“I just need to go to the right, then go straight and I’ll get there!” I thought to myself, “Perfect”
Then all of a sudden I heard something under me.
The branch broke and before I knew it I fell with a thud on a pile of sticks.
“Great” I thought as I started limping home.

It had been at least 30 minutes now and I still hadn’t even seen a house or even person in sight.
I wondered what I would tell mom and dad when I came home bloody and disheveled. Then I started to wonder if I had gotten the directions right, and debated climbing another tree to see where I was, when my arm let out a big sore.
“Ow” I said as I was walking, not paying attention where I was going I tripped on another stick.
“Ugh” I said “Just my luck”
Then I felt something hard on my hands, almost like concrete.
“What the….?”
I got up and looked around.
It was my neighborhood…well my new neighborhood.
“Weird.” I thought, but I just figured I must of hit my head and forgotten some of the trip home.
I walked through the door and realized something. Everything was put away. None of our boxes from moving were there, and everything was neatly packed away. I highly doubted that my parents could do this in the hour and a half that I was gone.
“Mom? Dad? Hello?” I said.
“Oh hello sweetie” a unfamiliar voice said.
“Mom?” I asked.
                A woman with long brown hair and green eyes showed up in the doorway. Although she had enough features to look like my mother’s twin, I knew it wasn’t her.
“What? Who are you?” I asked.
“Oh no what’s happened to you? You’re all bloody and-let’s get you cleaned up” the strange lady said.
“Uhh you’re not my mom” I said.
“What are you talking about? Of course I’m your mom.” She said, “You must’ve hurt your head. Come on let’s go upstairs.”
                I resisted as much as possible, but she (whoever she was) was much stronger than me. So she got me cleaned up, and gave me some new clothes since mine were bloody. After that I came downstairs and sat down at the table.
“Do you feel better now honey?” the strange lady asked me.
“Who are you?” I asked her “Because you’re defiantly not my mom.”
“Oh I’m your mom, I’m your alternate universe mom.” She’d told me.
“My what?”
“Every person has their own alternate universe. And this is yours,Ellie.”
I was a bit creeped out that she knew my name, but there was a part of me that believed her. After her caring for me, I was sort of convinced that well, she wasn’t my real mother, but maybe my alternate universe mother.
“Okay…” I said.
“Good.” She responded, “Now what do you want for dinner?”
“Um anything I guess,” I said, “If you can make anything like tacos that’s be good.”
“Of course honey” She said “Now you can go and watch TV in the living room. Dinner will be ready soon and your dad should be home soon too.”
“Uhh okay” I said.
I went into the living room and decided to explore this place. It did look a lot like my house, or at least my new one. The books on the bookshelf were stacked nicely, and all the plates and dishes were set up on the dining room table.
Then I heard the door open and saw *alternate universe* dad.
“Hey sweetie” He said.
                He was pretty convincing to look like my dad. He had the same red hair he had and brown eyes.
“Umm hi” I said.
“Have a good day?” He asked me as he went through the mail just as my “other universe” dad did.
“Um I guess” I said.
“Dinner’s ready!” My “alternate universe” mom said.
We walked in and saw a huge array of tacos.
“Wow looks good” My “alternate universe” dad said
“Yeah…” I said.
“Well let’s dig in” he said


“Well that was good.” I said.
“Yeah,” My “alternate universe” dad said.
“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it” she said, “Ellie,why don’t you go to bed, you don’t want to be late for school tomorrow.”
“Oh, okay. Well goodnight I guess.” I said.
“Goodnight” they responded.
I walked up the stairs into a room that said “Ellie’s Room” on the front. Then I thought about my “other universe” parents. I hadn’t realized how long it had been and I felt bad. They were probably really worried about me. And just as I walked into my room I turned around the door loudly slammed behind me and I screamed.
I tried to unlock it but it wouldn’t budge. So I sat down and cried for a while.
“Well if you’re ever going to leave this place, you’ll need to try and escape.” I thought to myself.
                So I made up an escape plan.
“I’ll go out through the vent and get into the kitchen, sneak up to them, and I need to get something to hurt them…” I said and looked around the room.
There wasn’t much in the room but I noticed a small closet in the corner of the room. It was locked, but I was able to open it with a bobby pin that I happened to have.
I opened it and inside where a few things, a broom, a spray bottle, and a couple pencils and paper.
“Well I guess I’ll take this,” I said, grabbing the broom.
I also decided to grab the spray bottle, just in case.
“Who knows, it might be handy.” I thought to myself.
So then I set out into the vents, which wasn’t fun, but it deemed to be my only way out. After crawling through there for what seemed like forever, I finally made it into the kitchen. It looked like no one was there so I just decided to come out through the vent.
“Okay I have to be very quiet.” I thought to myself.
And, I fell.
“Great” I thought.
But luckily they weren’t woken up by the noise so I sneaked into the living room, and saw them both asleep next to the TV.
“Okay, on the count of three.” I thought to myself “On three I will start hitting them, one….Two……three”
And I both started wracking both of them with the broom. I didn’t really know what this would do against them, but this was my best shot.
Then I pulled out the spray bottle and they both gave surprised looks.
I tried spraying them, and I found that the more I this, the slower they got, until they began melting. Finally, they had completely melted.
“Well, that was easy.” I thought to myself.
I walked to the place that I was when I got over here, and then all of a sudden I got back to my actual house and ran inside.
“Hey sweetie, did you have fun, or meet anyone?” My mom asked.
I ran over there with tears in my eyes and hugged both of them.
“What’s this for?” My dad asked.
“Everything.” I said.